Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Good Evening!
Tonight I want to talk about shackles. You might ask what a shackle is? Well, Webster defines a shackle as something used to bind the hands and feet of prisoners. You may have even seen shackles in history books on slavery. Why do I want to talk about shackles? Because everyone of us is bound by them. Everyone of us is a slave to sin. I had the tremendous opportunity yesterday to play at my home Church in St. Clairsville, Ohio and Pastor Call delivered a wonderful, Spirit filled message about "New Life" and "There is no condemnation in Christ". Needless to say, I was inspired by it and carry it with me this evening as I type. Pastor Call made several great points in his sermon. One of these was that we are all slaves to sin and Jesus set us free!

After hearing that I wonder how many of us truly understand what that means? I wonder how many of us are willing to let go of our Shackles? I wonder how many of us are willing to truly believe we are free because we are believers in the Risen Savior? Well, I can t say that I'm always able to let go of my shackles, but I can say that its one of the things I've hoped to focus on this year. Those that know me know that I convict myself far greater than any man could. I'm probably a little hard on myself at times, but I for one am tired of being a slave to sin and its empty promises. I for one am tired of the devil dancing over my sorrow because of my failure. I for one am tired of watching those I love beat themselves over their failures when all they have to do is "Lift Up There Face" and see that Salvation is here... Salvation has come in Christ Jesus! Praise to his name!

Let's all pray together that we can give our lives fully to Christ, Lift up our faces and see the Salvation, Accept that we are broken, we will fail, but we can't stop trying. Let's pray that we truly believe there is no condemnation in Christ... Only open arms!

Now go and read Romans Chapter 8 and pray with me.
Love and peace through our Risen Savior,

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