Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Well, don't be alarmed by the new email address I've just made the decision to start doing these from home rather than on breaks and lunch at work. I don't want any confusion from my employer about the use of their computers to spread God's word. I've done this for several reasons, but mostly because I don't want anyone to question my integrity, ethics, or judgment. I've had my fill of that the past week. Now for a verse that will hopefully place all of this into perspective
Colossians 2:6-8

When was the last time you were under a microscope? When were you last examined by the world and judged by their standards? Have you ever been torn apart by human authorities to the point that you question your own character, your own integrity, your place with not only your family and friends, but with Christ. I hope the answer to the last question for all of you is no, but I would guess it is at least a yes or a maybe. If it is come ride that wave with me friends. At the end of last week I had to answer for things that made no sense to me at all... I had to answer for being human. I had to address my imperfections among the imperfect when in reality they too have fallen just like I. I can only share that I had to speak to my employer about a couple of items for which they thought I had demonstrated poor judgment. Maybe I did, but nothing different than the culture that surrounded me and certainly not to the extent or depth at which I was accused and dismantled. If you ask me why I'm still there its because I have a passion for what I do and love those that I serve. I will fight with everything I got to stay in my position and do good even when questioned at all times because I have now realized its a fight Christ would have me take on. Its a fight to defend all that is right with being a Christian and demonstrating love for everyone without judgment.

Next time you get the beat down I want you to look up. I want you to remember that human standards, human traditions, and human judgment does not define you. Rather, how you live and love one another does. And, that starts with forgiving yourself when you make a mistake and forgiving others if they wrong you. If we only all lived more like Christ so much pain would be avoided. So much wrong would be made right.

I want to take a moment to thank those of you who I personally leaned on the last couple of days. You lifted me up and allowed me to be whole in Christ again. You reminded me of the Man I was, The Man I am, and The Man I will become... A Man of God! I would offer to be a resource to all of you the next time the "authorities judge you. I may have a ding in my armor, but I'm ready to help.

Love in Christ,
Your yet again battle tested Brother

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Are you happy?

I see you... yes you! What is it that is holding you back? Are you happy? No... I mean really happy! Do you wake up every day of your life wanting to be or do more? Or, do you live asleep hoping that if you stay just below the radar nobody will challenge you? Even worse, do you let others make decisions for you... do you let others define your happiness? I'll close this intro with yet another and more important question: Why, if you know you aren't happy, haven't you taken the steps to be?

I know that is a whole lot of heavy in an opening paragraph, but its something that is on my mind and I will not let go of. Why you ask? Because I am tired of living my life in a box and watching others around me suffer because of what the world does to them and me. We all have a choice. Why not chose to be happy? Why let the world crush you?

Here's some examples (as if you need any): sickness and poor health overwhelm you... it seems like the pattern never ends and being healthy is for others; work is more than you need or want to handle... stress piles up, people make poor decisions, and you suffer because of them; your marriage is NOT smooth... its become increasingly difficult to find "you" in the mix of the craziness and sometimes you question if its more a life partnership instead of the bond you intended; your kids are wild... you sometimes wonder what little monster has climbed inside your child and is on seek and destroy mode; your dreams are sacrificed... you watch others climb to the mountain top, but are not afforded the opportunity to do so because you are the one taking one for the team, you are the glue; you are judged by this world... others look at you like you just stepped off an alien craft and cannot understand how you will not be defined by them or their prejudice; you worry about your past, present, or future... oh, our biggest enemy worry. How foolish we are to think we control any of it.

I've decided I'm going to be happy. I'm going to allow myself to feel, live, and love like God has intended. No more check valves on this Big Teddy Bear. Yes, look out... hugs might be coming your way if you get too close ;o) Seriously, I want to be more for all of you, but knew that I couldn't if I allowed myself to succumb to the stress, worry, and judgment of those around me. Instead I have taken a step out into a very unknown, sometimes uncomfortable place and I hope you will join me. I hope you will let go of it all and "just live" "just be HAPPY" Remember... Your past is not who you are, your present is not exactly what you have become or need to be, and your future is only what you make it... Make it great!

Proverbs 3:13 "Happy is the man who finds wisdom, And the man who gains understanding"

Are you ready to be happy with me? I pray to Our Risen Savior that you are and you will live wide open. As William Marshall Ruckman says "Jet Pack Activate!"

Love you all,

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Law and Agape Love

Good Evening!

Yes its Saturday and I'm typing. I'm typing for many reasons, but I think the primary one is for my benefit and a couple of my Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ. I share this message with you tonight because I feel the need to discuss two very important concepts in our Faith Walk. The first of which is we are broken. Did you hear that? I called all of us broken. Don't believe me? When was the last time you read Matthew 5? Do you remember Jesus discussing the Law of the Prophets and basically laying out what is expected of us? He tells us that if we set aside even one of the least of the commands that we will be called least in Heaven. He then goes on to discuss Murder, Adultery, Divorce, Oaths, Eye for an Eye, and Loving your Enemies. Now for corporate confession. As corporate as it can be for me in this email. Aside from murder if you read the literal interpretation of the text above I have in one way or another somehow violated everyone of the commands. I have fallen just as far as you can, but have also found that you can bounce.

There is a very key point that Christ makes in the introduction to the Sermon on the Mount. It is something that I've read over and over and have only recently been able to put together. Matthew 5:18 "For I tell you, until Heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen will by any means disappear from the law until everything is accomplished." Now I don't pretend to big the greatest Biblical scholar, but I can tell you that it was "Accomplished" on the Cross. Are you following me? What I'm saying is the there is this wonderful thing called Grace. You can take a deep sigh of relief because Jesus knew we were broken and he saved us. He knew before we were born that we would violate many of those commands above. He also knew that if we truly repent we are washed clean. What am I telling you then? Well I'm not telling you to live with total disregard for The Sermon on the Mount... quite the contrary. I am telling you that you will fail and Christ has you covered WHEN you do. I just encourage all of you to keep Christ-like love in your heart and don't allow guilt to burden you. It can be one of Satan's greatest weapons. Someday we will experience Agape "perfect" love all the time with everyone in Heaven. Until then we can do our best to try to bring His Kingdom to earth.

Let me close with Matthew 6:10 "your Kingdom come your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven". Have you shown Christ-like "Agape" love to anyone lately. Did it feel kind of awkward or did it feel like the most natural thing you've ever done. I hope its the latter... it certainly has been for me. Its a blessing enough just to see them smile. And, more reward than this humble sinner ever deserves.

Hope you are all have a very Blessed weekend and I hope you are discovering and not passing up those opportunities to lift another Brother or Sister in Christ up from trial.

Love to you all,

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Good Afternoon Everyone,

Today I want to talk about Joy. Webster defines "Joy" as the emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires : delight.
When was the last time you felt joy? Is it the same to you as happiness or is it different? Does it really matter?

I bring it up because all too often we are focused on the finish line rather than en"joy"ing the race. I think most of us set the bar extremely high for how we are going to feel if something great happens rather than focusing on the success we achieve along the way. We lose joy through expectation. We degrade happiness through the desire to "have it all". When really there is no such thing. "Having it all" is as fickle as a leaf blowing in the wind. Our lives change, our expectations change, our desires change and we tend to focus on false finish lines to be the source of our joy and happiness. Lately one of my false finish lines is being a perfect Husband and Father. I think I do a good job most times at both, but I don't meet my expectations. I don't come close. I have been praying constantly that God will allow me to enjoy the race and see joy and happiness through the little things.

One such example happened to me on Sunday. I was blessed with not only seeing Will run the length of the field to score a touchdown to help his team win their Flag Football Bowl Game, but I was also there as one of his Coaches running behind him down the field and being the first to slap him a high five... It truly doesn't get much better! The Joy could have been temporary, but is something that sticks in my mind and makes me smile even as I type this. The past couple days God has allowed me to see through the craziness to focus on that one perfect moment and allow it to carry me.

What's your recent perfect moment? Are you using this blessing to carry you as God intended or have you already tucked it away, planning for your next victory in the race to "have it all"? Pause and reflect, pray, and ask God to reveal His blessings to you and maybe a little part of His plan. We don't have to understand it all or "have it all" ... we just have to keep running ;o)

Isaiah 26:3
You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you

Have a great day everyone! Fall certainly has arrived!
Love in Christ,