Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ever Feel Weid?

Eph 6:10 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.

Good Evening and regarding the title I'm not talking about stomach upset, physical ailments, or anything like that. Tonight I want to talk about being labeled or looked at like you are weird because of your faith. I'm starting a study on a book related to the subject this week, but wanted to give you my initial thoughts before diving in deeper.

We are constantly challenged by many competing forces in our lives to do things a certain way, speak about subjects a certain way, or just "be" a certain way. You know what? I DON'T FIT! I NEVER TRULY HAVE! Why? I can't answer that question, but can tell you that all my life I've been different. And, not always good different. I've been the subject of jokes, the topic of whispers, and someone that people just "don't get". Well, I guess my only explanation is that I've never fit into the box the world creates for me. I don't allow conventional wisdom and the interjection of Satan to tell me what I can do. Therefore, I'M WEIRD!

Many people will say that you can't make everyone happy. I say you can. They will say that you can't be everything to everybody... maybe not, but God can. They will say that you've failed by the standards of the world because you don't do what the world expects... You know what? "THEY" are wrong!

Tonight I want you to follow my lead and stop trying to be normal. I want you to take a step, take a chance and live your lives the way God would want. Don't be afraid to make your situation "happy". Did you hear that? I didn't say you necessarily have to change or change your situation, but you do need Christ. Put him in the center and enjoy the benefit of being Weird. Because Brothers and Sisters... Christ was also considered "WEIRD" to many ... so much so that they crucified him! But, we know the TRUTH!

Let's all start living like we are Children of God and being WEIRD is in!
Love and Peace from Our Risen Savior,

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