Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Well, don't be alarmed by the new email address I've just made the decision to start doing these from home rather than on breaks and lunch at work. I don't want any confusion from my employer about the use of their computers to spread God's word. I've done this for several reasons, but mostly because I don't want anyone to question my integrity, ethics, or judgment. I've had my fill of that the past week. Now for a verse that will hopefully place all of this into perspective
Colossians 2:6-8

When was the last time you were under a microscope? When were you last examined by the world and judged by their standards? Have you ever been torn apart by human authorities to the point that you question your own character, your own integrity, your place with not only your family and friends, but with Christ. I hope the answer to the last question for all of you is no, but I would guess it is at least a yes or a maybe. If it is come ride that wave with me friends. At the end of last week I had to answer for things that made no sense to me at all... I had to answer for being human. I had to address my imperfections among the imperfect when in reality they too have fallen just like I. I can only share that I had to speak to my employer about a couple of items for which they thought I had demonstrated poor judgment. Maybe I did, but nothing different than the culture that surrounded me and certainly not to the extent or depth at which I was accused and dismantled. If you ask me why I'm still there its because I have a passion for what I do and love those that I serve. I will fight with everything I got to stay in my position and do good even when questioned at all times because I have now realized its a fight Christ would have me take on. Its a fight to defend all that is right with being a Christian and demonstrating love for everyone without judgment.

Next time you get the beat down I want you to look up. I want you to remember that human standards, human traditions, and human judgment does not define you. Rather, how you live and love one another does. And, that starts with forgiving yourself when you make a mistake and forgiving others if they wrong you. If we only all lived more like Christ so much pain would be avoided. So much wrong would be made right.

I want to take a moment to thank those of you who I personally leaned on the last couple of days. You lifted me up and allowed me to be whole in Christ again. You reminded me of the Man I was, The Man I am, and The Man I will become... A Man of God! I would offer to be a resource to all of you the next time the "authorities judge you. I may have a ding in my armor, but I'm ready to help.

Love in Christ,
Your yet again battle tested Brother

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