Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Are you happy?

I see you... yes you! What is it that is holding you back? Are you happy? No... I mean really happy! Do you wake up every day of your life wanting to be or do more? Or, do you live asleep hoping that if you stay just below the radar nobody will challenge you? Even worse, do you let others make decisions for you... do you let others define your happiness? I'll close this intro with yet another and more important question: Why, if you know you aren't happy, haven't you taken the steps to be?

I know that is a whole lot of heavy in an opening paragraph, but its something that is on my mind and I will not let go of. Why you ask? Because I am tired of living my life in a box and watching others around me suffer because of what the world does to them and me. We all have a choice. Why not chose to be happy? Why let the world crush you?

Here's some examples (as if you need any): sickness and poor health overwhelm you... it seems like the pattern never ends and being healthy is for others; work is more than you need or want to handle... stress piles up, people make poor decisions, and you suffer because of them; your marriage is NOT smooth... its become increasingly difficult to find "you" in the mix of the craziness and sometimes you question if its more a life partnership instead of the bond you intended; your kids are wild... you sometimes wonder what little monster has climbed inside your child and is on seek and destroy mode; your dreams are sacrificed... you watch others climb to the mountain top, but are not afforded the opportunity to do so because you are the one taking one for the team, you are the glue; you are judged by this world... others look at you like you just stepped off an alien craft and cannot understand how you will not be defined by them or their prejudice; you worry about your past, present, or future... oh, our biggest enemy worry. How foolish we are to think we control any of it.

I've decided I'm going to be happy. I'm going to allow myself to feel, live, and love like God has intended. No more check valves on this Big Teddy Bear. Yes, look out... hugs might be coming your way if you get too close ;o) Seriously, I want to be more for all of you, but knew that I couldn't if I allowed myself to succumb to the stress, worry, and judgment of those around me. Instead I have taken a step out into a very unknown, sometimes uncomfortable place and I hope you will join me. I hope you will let go of it all and "just live" "just be HAPPY" Remember... Your past is not who you are, your present is not exactly what you have become or need to be, and your future is only what you make it... Make it great!

Proverbs 3:13 "Happy is the man who finds wisdom, And the man who gains understanding"

Are you ready to be happy with me? I pray to Our Risen Savior that you are and you will live wide open. As William Marshall Ruckman says "Jet Pack Activate!"

Love you all,

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