Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Archive on The Excitement of a Child

Good morning everyone! I hope this email finds you have a blessed and relaxed Christmas Eve.

This morning I want to write briefly about excitement and joy... the joy of a child on Christmas day. I personally cannot wait for tomorrow morning, but not for my sake... for the opportunity to see the joy and excitement in Will and Henry's eyes. I wish this was always the case but, there are days when I take both of my boys for granted. Most days are so very difficult with listening and behavior issues that I've actually found myself counting the minutes until bedtime. Maybe its just part of being a parent of young boys or very challenging young boys ... at any rate it doesn't take away from the precious gift that each of them are to me and the entire family. I don't know how I lived before or would ever live without them in my life. In many ways I look forward to getting home each night and bath and bed time and our routine. I love reading and singing to them and watching them try to hold on to the last precious minutes before they drift into dreamland. I don't think there is much more of a gift that God has given me than that of Will and Henry. I will be honest for all those parents out there and tell you that for the most part this parenting thing for me is work, not normal work, but the hardest work I've ever done, but also the most rewarding. And one of those rewards will come in less than 24 hours when Will gets to see his Razor Scooter and Henry discovers his barn, ride on firetruck, and the numerous other presents that fall under the tree. its amazing, but they will give me much more from their reaction than I could ever get from something material.

I wrote last week of the gifts that are intangible. The gifts that we give each other that aren't material. I would hope that tonight and tomorrow and every day will afford you the chance to recognize these in your life. Take a moment over the next couple of days and consciously look for them. Don't do this for me... do this for yourself. One way I would suggest you do this is to think of what life would be like without the blessings you've been given... what would life be like without the blessings we all take for granted? Christmas is a perfect time to reflect on this ... after all, God gave us his only Son... Our Savior...

Thanks to the Lord for the Most Special Gift of All... Eternal Life, Rich with the blessings of all of you... Isn't that amazing? As long as we can imagine and even past that we will have life together, thanks to the birth of a Child we will never die.

May God Bless each and everyone one of you this Christmas and New Year!
My Love goes out to each of you and hope that you enjoy all the blessings life throws your way,

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