Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Faith or Insanity

My Good Brother Jeff inspired me tonight with his facebook wall post "Where's the line between having faith and being nuts?" This might quite possibly be one of the best posts I've seen in a long time, but reserved expressing my gratitude toward Jeff until this forum. You are a light, keep it up! Now for my thoughts on the subject.

Many of you know that Hebrews 11 is by far one of my favorites. It is because it is the model with which I try and try to live my life. Faith runs very much tangentially with life doesn't it? When life is good... faith is easy; when life is hard... faith is almost impossible. Did you notice how carefully I chose my words? I said "almost" impossible. I'm currently in one of the roughest patches of my life and don't seem to be coming out of it anytime soon. Actually, its quite the contrary. More and more keep being piled on. So much so that you can say that I've almost reached a point where I'm numb... comfortably numb. Maybe its my body's way of coping or maybe its God's way of shielding me. Either way I've still found possibilities and they are all routed in that one word with such profound meaning "FAITH". Without it I would be lost. Without I would be nothing. Without it I would have died long ago.

Now let me tell you a little about who I am with it. I'm a Dad that will not give up on my children no matter how many struggles, how many challenges, how many special needs. I love them so much it hurts sometimes and try everyday to be all I can for them. I'm also a friend who knows things about my friends that nobody else does. I know real pain. I know real joy. I share burdens and I share joy. I'm a Husband who tries to do all he can for his wife to make her life happy amid the crazy that is thrown at us. I'm a Son who wants to do all I can to help my Mom get and stay healthy and happy. Finally, I'm a Brother in Christ to all of you that know in some small way my words may find you at a time when you need them. Therefore, I will not stop writing. I will not stop sharing. I will not stop encouraging. Because you can through Christ!

Each and everyone of you has very special gifts that you share every day. For some its laughter, others hospitality, others just being able to light a room with your presence. Use those gifts for good. Use those gifts for GOD. Someone might even call you insane. If they do, you might want to give Jeff credit for an amazing quote and say well... guess I must have alot of Faith if you think I'm that close to being nuts ;o) Well done good and faithful servant!

Love From Our Risen Savior Jesus Christ,

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  1. Our pastor has been talking about how the devil is real and that during the rough times we are being tested by the devil. God says that it is at that very moment that you need to bring out the shield of God, also called FAITH, and fight the battle. I believe that is what you are doing and I will continue to pray for you. I am very happy to have a Christian friend like you.

    God Bless