Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Run Forest, Run!

Good Morning Everyone,
So the subject line probably serves to produce a picture in your mind. Unless you have lived in a different country, are opposed to movies, or otherwise were predisposed I'm guessing each of you has seen the movie Forest Gump. Well, if you have, you are quite familiar with this line "Run Forest, Run". For a moment take yourself to the part of the movie where Forest is playing football and they give him the ball and tell him to run. He zig zags up the field, past all the players, and doesn't stop at the end zone... he just keeps running.

Now imagine yourself at a flag football game coaching your 5 and 1/2 year old son and you tell him "Will, I want you to run through the sign at the end of the back of the end zone. Run as fast as you can. Don't stop. And, I'll see you at the sign." I didn't think he would take me literally, but sure enough. My son ran and ran. By the time he hit the end zone he was 10 to 15 yards ahead of the closest defender. And, he followed my direction. So much so that he ran into the sign! It was a very proud moment for this Dad and a life lesson on the innocence of allowing yourself to listen to instruction, trust, and let go. Often times we allow our minds to block our dreams. We focus on the rules, the structure, the impossibility rather than running through the sign at the back of the end zone. The analogy here for me is with what Our Heavenly Father often asks us to do. He gives us the course, provides the path, and is with us the whole way, but all too often we are stuck of why we can't instead of just how we can.

I share this with all of you this morning because I am the poster child for "why I can't" do what God asks of me. I make excuses, I ask way too many questions, I stress, I worry, I ponder, I process until I allow the opportunity to be great for God pass. I'm the kid on the flag football field that would say "Dad (God in this case), what if I'm not fast enough, what if they catch me from behind and grab my flag, that sure is far to run, Do you really think I'm good enough for this?". Some of that changed for me over the weekend. Stress had truly caught up with this Man of God. Worry consumed me and I reached a breaking point. I was physically exhausted and needed a boost. I needed a reminder. I got that reminder in the brink of time through my Son. By watching him trust, I gained insight on allowing myself to do the same.
God has given me great challenges in the past year, but more than that God has provided me great opportunity to show his love through my actions. I have stumbled, I have tripped, but I felt his arm on me leading me to my own sign at the back of the end zone. I'm not as good as I should or could be, but I'm good when I allow him to live through me. Today is a reminder for me to continue to do that as I type this to you. I hope you can gain a little insight from this non-dreaming conformist. If I can break the mold, so can you.

What is God asking you to do? What sign at the back of the end zone are you running toward? Will you trust him, not just on the surface, but trust him with your whole heart to get you there? Brothers and Sisters, this life is but a breath. I've often felt mine will be shorter than I would like so I will not stand idle. Please don't waste yours either. Let's not allow those questions and doubts freeze us... let's run toward what Our Risen Savior would have us do without abandon! Run (YOUR NAME HERE) Run! All in the name of Christ!

“Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way to get the prize.” 1 Corinthians 9:24

Love and Peace to you... If I can serve any of you in anyway and at anytime don't hesitate to ask! I don't want my blinders to hold me back from being all I can for you!


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